HomeSchool SI e-Learning platform is brought to you by AfriEDX Technology which is a multi-award winning EduTech company.

AfriEDX‘s mission is to facilitate the individual’s inclusion in social and economic development. To help our young learners obtain higher scores and a better success rate, we advocate a fusion of traditional forms of classroom teaching with more activity-based learning methods. We initiate and monitor the impact of the application of immersive technologies to reach our goal.

Immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the next logical step in the evolution of visual learning. We improve the quality of teaching because we advocate the implementation of immersive technologies to complement traditional classroom teaching methods. Teachers will thereby enhance their pedagogical tools to render their lessons more engaging because of the active participation of learners.

Virtual Reality is the medium that can enhance learning by making it more memorable. For example, Nqileni Village, the home of the Bulungula Incubator, is so remotely located that students are not exposed to the wider world. Virtual Reality is giving children the opportunity to explore the world and “travel” for the very first time. Students might have difficulties grasping the concept of a volcano looking at 2D photographs in school textbooks, especially if they live where volcanic eruptions are unknown. VR is a fantastic way to “immerse” students in their lessons.

Learning in Africa: because through immersive technologies with HomeSchool SI, subject contents will be accessible even where the internet is not accessible. Learning based on lessons available on the HSsi platform will allow teachers to bring innovation in their classrooms, rendering the learning process more motivating. It will definitely introduce buoyancy which will require a new style of classroom management.

We ensure young people have the skills they need to succeed because our educational technology will eliminate the mismatch between presently unadapted curricula and the demands of the job market. The application of immersive technologies in education will help decrease the “completion and failure rates”, gradually impacting drop-out rate.

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