Is HomeSchool SI intended to replace traditional school institutions?
No! HomeSchool SI’s aim is to be a complementary platform to enhance learning.

How to get access to school courses?
During the Beta testing period, selected teachers, students and parents will be given access to the platform.  Click here to join the Beta program.

Which Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) headset is compatible with the HSsi platform?
By default, it will be compatible with Google Cardboard Viewer. A list of other compatible VR/AR headsets will be announced soon.

How to create my own courses?
Teachers and educational content creators will be provided with the necessary access for content production during the Beta testing.

How will teachers and educational content creators learn how to create content and run immersive classes?

Live education workshops, as well as online webinars, will be available. You will be able to grasp the concept of immersive learning and classroom through our book Virtual Reality Demystified.

What is the cost?
After the Beta testing period, information about the cost will be available on the website.

Who should use HomeSchool SI?
Schools, teachers, parents but in the long run the platform will be open to enterprises for a wider range of courses beyond school boundaries and academic curricula.

How to join the Beta program?
Thank you for filling in the Beta Program application form.

How to become a partner? 
Thank you for filling in the Become A Partner application form.

Why joining HomeSchool SI platform?
Grab the opportunity to present your products, skills and services through a global network.