HSsi Inclusive

A software and hardware immersive eLearning platform

Immersive eLearning

Immersive learning comprises the use of Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR). The immersive approach makes learning fully experiential.

It creates a deeper level of engagement in targeted topics in a distraction-free environment.

The HSsi approach positively impacts students’ comprehension as well as their retention capabilities. The learner gains real-life experience in a risk-free environment, and in an inexpensive way.

Inclusive education

Virtual Reality is the medium that can enhance learning by making it more memorable.

A real-life application of the HSsi method:

Nqileni Village, the home of the Bulungula Incubator, is so remotely located that students are not exposed to the wider world. Virtual Reality is giving children the opportunity to explore the world and “travel” for the very first time. Students having difficulties grasping the concept of a volcano by merely looking at 2D photographs in school textbooks, can experience the natural phenomenon in a powerfully graphic way. VR is a fantastic way to “immerse” students in their lessons.

Through HSsi students can pursue learning via both traditional and immersive learning methods almost anywhere, even in places where internet connectivity is not available.

Make eLearning

Technology has become an inevitable necessity for the development of humanity. But in the context of classroom technology like social media can easily distract the learners’ attention. With HSsi Inclusive students will be focused only on topics of study without unrelated distractions or app notifications.

subject contents

HSsi Inclusive platform is to empower teachers to produce contextualized subject contents while encouraging education material to also delivered in the mother’s tongue to enhance the understanding of the learners.

Education continuity delivery

With the climate change, there are a lot of educational systems that are often affected by natural catastrophes. Cyclones, flooding, heavy rainfalls, etc. HSsi can empower schools can continue to deliver their school curriculum.

Accelerate education outreach

Inline with sustainable development goals to make education inclusive. Especially in remote rural areas.

Jobs opportunities

HSsi will bring new types of jobs opportunities not just for teachers at school but also empower youth and women to get trained in a wide range of sectors beyond school curriculums.

Portabilities of education

Give schools and communities the tools to bring eLearning in other schools or communities where internet connectivity is not available.

Empower contents creators

The User-friendliness HSsi Course Creator
makes course creation a piece of cake.

At a push of a button

HSsi Inclusive enable teacher to run a classroom at a push of button. Thus remove the complexity of technology, which is one of main barrier to bring technology in education while making technology invisible, unobtrusive, hassle-free and friendly.

eLearning without the internet connection

Deliver your courses in extreme places
where the internet is not available or too expensive.

Measure learners’ performance

Quick run reports on learners,
enrollment, progress and test performance